Peur Globale [Feat Gérard Lucas]

A poem by Eduardo Galeano
Adapted and performed by Gérard Lucas.




Ceux qui travaillent ont peur de perdre leur travail
Ceux qui ne travaillent pas on peur de ne jamais retrouver du travail
Celui qui n’a pas peur d’avoir faim, a peur de la nourriture
Les automobilistes ont peur de marcher
et les piétons ont peur d’être écrasés
La démocratie a peur de se souvenir et le langage a peur de dire
Les civils ont peur des militaires, les militaires ont peur que les armes
viennent à manquer et les armes ont peur qu’il n’y ait plus de guerres
C’est le temps de la peur…
Peur de prendre un verre entre amis
Peur de rentrer dans une salle de concert.
La peur de la femme face à la violence des hommes
La peur de l’homme face à la femme sans peur
Peur des voleurs, peur de la police
Peur de la porte sans verrou, du temps sans montre
de l’ado sans portable, de l’enfant sans télé
Peur de la foule, peur de la solitude, peur du vide, peur du loup
Peur de l’orage, la peur des somnifères, et la peur d’avoir mal
La peur du noir, la peur de l’étranger…
La peur de ses propres peurs, peur du passé, peur du présent
Peur du futur…
Peur de trois fois rien, peur de presque tout…

peur de mourir et peur de vivre

toutes ces peurs font de nous des hommes et des femmes
qui n’avons pas peur des lâches.



Those who work are afraid they’ll lose their jobs
those who don’t are afraid they’ll never find one
Whoever doesn’t fear hunger is afraid of eating
Drivers are afraid of walking and pedestrians are afraid of
getting run over
Democracy is afraid of remembering and language is afraid
of speaking
Civilians fear the military, the military fears the shortage of
weapons, weapons fear the end of wars.
It is the time of fear
Fear from having a drink with friends, fear from attending a concert
Women’s fear of violent men and men’s fear of fearless
Fear of thieves, fear of the police.
Fear of doors without locks, of time without watches, of a teen without a mobile device, of children without television
Fear of the crowd, fear of solitude, fear of emptiness
Fear of the wolf
Fear of the storm, the fear of sleeping pills and the fear of being hurt
The fear of darkness, the fear of the stranger…
The fear of these very fears, fear of the past, fear of the present
Fear of the future
Fear of nothing at all, fear of almost everything…
Fear of dying and fear of living
all these fears made us be Men and Women
Who do not fear the cowards


Eastinzaf [Feat Malex]

The Genius of the crowd
there is enough treachery, hatred violence absurdity in the average
human being to supply any given army on any given day
and the best at murder are those who preach against it
and the best at hate are those who preach love
and the best at war finally are those who preach peace
beware the average man the average woman
beware their love, their love is average
seeks average
but there is genius in their hatred

كان عالقلب جلّد
فكر مجنّد
كاس زمان فاض حزن يخلّد
موش مقلّد Spleen
صافي موش مخلّط
سماء تشلّط
طوفان هزّ الخلق عبيد ربّ الفلق
تي حان وقت الغلق
روح شادّه في الحلق
اللّي فلتا الشّنق
فوق جبل متسلّق
أرضكم كي ادُّور تقلّق
حلّق بين خرفان الله مغلّق
يد وحدة تصرفق ماعندنا مع تصفيق
ماناش متع تنوفيق… دز بمرفق
في حدود سماهم علّق
إلّوطه برشة ضيق
بذاكرة جديدة شعّل فُصول التاريخ بلاش توريق
فيق في سبات عميق
قابل لتسويق
بابل لتزويق
تقود فيا و فيك
تراك كردي بالف فيل وردي بماتعدّون
نعيش فردي بين بني صهيون
أورثوا الأرض وخليولنا الجنون
autotune غلة الرّوتس ماتشنتي
سوف يعلمون ثم سوف يعلمون…

there is enough genius in their hatred to kill you
to kill anybody
not wanting solitude
not understanding solitude
they will attempt to destroy anything
that differs from their own
not being able to create art
they will not understand art
they will consider their failure as creators
only as a failure of the world
not being able to love fully
they will believe your love incomplete
and then they will hate you
and their hatred will be perfect
like a shining diamond
like a knife
like a mountain
like a tiger
like hemlock
their finest art…

علم اليقين بلاش لون
في حالة سكر زرّق
كُن فيكون
moonمفيزي ال
وما ريتو كان سبابة
الراس في نجوم في غابة السيمان
برشا وباء…
إلتواء زرّق انزواء
ثقيل الهواء بلا الدنيا بلاش دواء
النفس عزيزة ميزة
أحلامنا بلاش فيزا
علوّاً على الغريزة
منغرّزحامل هموم
نطرّز في سمايا بكلام
وعلى الدنيا السلام
قالها مالك الانسان
كي تتسكر بيبان
والقضبان mumia تفكّر
حريّة في الأمازون
عيشة مع بني عريان
بين غيب و وديان
مجتمعكم خوّان أعور كي موشي ديّان משה דיין
كما تَدين تُدان
कर्म et कर्मन्l هذي أحكام الكارما
الأرض عضمة حارمة
أدوّر في خواطر الكون
big bang هاونو القلب أقوى من
penورقة و
بين شعبي المدوّن
شعبي المتلوّن
لايكوّن لايخلّي شكون يكوّن
نهوّن عليك يا نفسي
لاخير في بلاد يحكم فيها السبسي


(of the Tunisian Text)

If it’s about my heart, it’s calloused
Mind conscripted
Glass of time profuse to eternalize sadness
Authentically spleen
Unmixed and pure
A sky cutting its arm
A deluge taking away the creatures, slaves of Lord of daybreak (1)
It’s time for a closure
A soul stuck in a throat
He, who escaped being hanged
Climbing upon a mountain
Your earth disturbs as it rotates
Fly amongst the lambs of god, determined
One hand slaps, we’re not made to applause
We’re not those who lie…we rather stab with our elbows
Hanged at the edge of their skies
Down there it’s too cramped
With a new memory I lit new chapters of history
without turning a single page
Awake into a deep hibernation
“Eligible for marketing”
“Babylonia for Design”
Driving you and me
This track is my fist
The equivalent of a thousand pink elephants
and all what you have prepared
I live on my own among the people of Zion
Inherit the land and leave us the madness
The fruits of the roots
Singing with no auto-tune
They shall know then they shall know indeed

The absolute truth has no colors
Drunk and injected
Be! and it is.
I aim at the moon
And you only saw the index of my fingers
My head in the stars, in a wood of cement
A lot of pests…
Drifting, Inject, Seclusion
Heavy is the air without life and without drugs
The self is so dear like a virtue
Our dreams need no VISA
Transcending the instinct
Never healed as I carry the distress
Decorating my sky with words
And bid this life farewell
Thus, said Malek, the Human
When doors go shut
I remember Mumia (2) and the bars
Liberty is in the Amazonia
Living with the people of the naked
Among trees and rivers
Your society is treacherous
One-eyed like Moshe Dayan (3)
What goes around, comes around
So are the laws of Karma
Earth is a rotten egg
Giving nausea to the universe
There’s my heart stronger than the Big Bang
A paper and a pen
Among my malevolent people
My Camelot people
That never prospers
As they let no one prosper
I’m compassionate with my own self
There’s no grace in a country ruled by Sebbsi (4)

*Lord of daybreak (1) Coranic term / reference for Allah
*Mumia (2) Mumia Abu Jamal
*Moshe Dayan (3) Zionist military and politician
*Sebbsi (4) Tunisian president, older than the dinosaurs and an old regime right wing cunt.